Zwembad Haags Hopje is the number one swimming school in The Hague and Scheveningen

Our pool is located in a beautiful private villa at the Scheveningseweg 108 in The Hague. We also swim at swimming pool the Blinkerd for the Frog, Dolphin, Orca and A and C diploma and in Overbosch for Frog, Dolphin and diploma B. We teach children from the age of 4 years old in small groups of maximum 6 children. In the deep pool groups are bigger. Our swimming instructors are all qualified and teach at other swimming pools as well. We are recognized by the NRZ, which means we will issue the official ABC diploma. For this recognition we have worked hard: we have obtained our degrees, completed tests, documents and plans with the recognition as a result.

Haags Hopje is named after the Haagsche Hopjes. The founder, Mr. Rademaker, of this delicious candy has lived in the building of Zwembad Haags Hopje on the Scheveningseweg 108. His candy factory was situated on the Laan van Meerdervoort.

What to expect from zwembad Haags Hopje

  • Children will learn how to swim in a fun, exciting and safe way at our private villa
  • Maximum of 6 children per group, our swimming instructors will guide the children in the pool. In de Blinkerd the groups are a bit larger.
  • € 23,- per lesson of 45 minutes
  • We operate at villa Haags Hopje and swimming pool Overbosch and the Blinkerd
  • Online access to swimming results and planning by Zwermscore
  • Acknowledged for the National Platform Pools | NRZ, an official ABC diploma!

We are proud to announce that we have founded The Swim Foundation. The Swim Foundation wants to teach children and adults in low and middle income countries how to prevent drowning. We have three things we teach them: how to swim, how to save someone who is drowning and how to do CPR when someone has drowned. Please check the website for more information.

VACANCIES at Zwembad Haags Hopje:

Teachers with experience, 25,- per clock hour.

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Zwembad Haags Hopje goes Curaçao . . . . The Swimfactory!

Book a ABC-diploma speed course for your child in the Caribbean

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Swimming score is an online system on which you can monitor the progress of your child. With this you can also deregister lessons and catch up.

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