A private pool to learn how to swim

Haags Hopje, the private swimming pool at the Scheveningseweg 108 in The Hague gives swimming lessons to children. At the private swimming pool, lessons are given for kids from the age of 4 years old and all lessons maintain small group sizes which can grow to a maximum of 6 children.

The Swimming lessons are given at a private swimming pool at a beautiful building in The Hague close to Scheveningen. The private swimming school ensures a safe, private personalized feeling in a stylish way to learn to swim.

The lessons at the private swimming pool teach valuable skills and a life time love of the water. This is done while ensuring a responsibility and safe instruction.

  • Personal Safety: Students learn to be safety conscious in and around water which helps form the basis of accident prevention. Survival skills, self-rescue and boating safety are taught.
  • Personal Growth: In learning new skills students build self-esteem. They also learn the consequences of their choices in relation to water safety.

At the private swimming pool, children shall be prepared for the A, B and C diplomas of which the final exams will take place at the Blinkerd location in The Hague. The goal of the private school swimming lessons is to get the children to obtain their diplomas within ten swimming lessons. The private swimming pool also offers swimming lessons for other diplomas such as the frog diploma as well as the dolphin diploma.

Children will be taught the various skills needed to obtain the A, B and C diplomas in their lessons at the private swimming pool. In the beginning of the Swim-ABC diploma swimming lessons, a lot of attention is put into making the children comfortable with the water. This is a very important period. Herein lays the foundation for learning to swim. Children learn to float on the chest and back, take to the water and climb out, turning from back to chest, going underwater, viewing underwater and searching.

At Swim-ABC level, children learn four swimming strokes from the beginning: single backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl and back crawl. In addition to the swimming strokes, the children will be also given various exercises in deep water, such as different ways of going in the water, swimming underwater, climbing and scrambling on a raft and on the side of the pool as well as going to the bottom

The private swimming pool ensures that the children are taught valuable skills while building a bedrock of responsibility around water. The lessons and progress of the students at the private swimming pool can be viewed by guardians or parents while enjoying a refreshing cup of coffee as well as being able to read a magazine at a reading table the overlooks the pool.