From Monday 11 May swimming lessons will take place again in Villa Haags Hopje! This means that today the last Swim Gym classes will take place and we will be teaching in the water again. Children under 12 do not have to keep 1.5 meters of space, the instructor does. They will therefore teach from the side. We hope to be able to give the swimming lessons as normal from 1 June. Some adjustments are: – We would like to ask you to put on the swimwear at home. Changing does not only have to take place in the dressing room, you can also do this at the tables or outside. – You can not watch from the side: we would like to ask you to leave the pool and come back just before class to dress and be back in time. Do not try to arrive early, if this is the case, please wait outside. It is of course possible to follow the lesson from the garden. We will open it up for this occasion so that you can follow the lesson! – In addition, we would like to request to stay at home if you have had symptoms of the coronavirus in the past 2 weeks, colds or an increase from 38.0 degrees Celsius and if your child or you have a fever in the household or shortness of breath. Before you leave, please use the toilet at home. Disinfectant will be available to wash hands and shower before and after class is not possible for the next 2 weeks. Regarding PAYMENT, we will collect from May 11th. Children who have participated in Swim Gym (option 1) will join the water swimming lessons from 11 May. Thank you for coming! We would like to thank those who have continued to pay in recent weeks and have saved catch-up lessons (option 2). You can book these catch-up lessons from 11 May. We will NOT collect for both groups from May 1 to 11. For those who have temporarily stopped and start again from May 11 (option 3), there will also be a debit from May 11. Some parents have not paid but (accidentally) canceled the lessons so they have collected catch up lessons. We have corrected this. In addition, as promised, we will compensate the last days of March by charging a lesson less. It may be a bit busier to schedule a catch-up class. As usual, the swimming lessons will continue during the summer holidays, maybe it is an idea to use your catch-up lessons to book an extra (daily) lesson. We are really looking forward to it. We thank you for your understanding and patience and we hope to see you soon!